Americans’ fear of salons leads to ‘lock’ down disasters
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The ‘new normal’ look: more than half of women ditch the makeup and a quarter stop wearing pants, a new study finds

Americans’ fear of salons leads to ‘lock’ down disasters

More than half of women attempt DIY haircuts, with the fifth ending in disaster

  • Nearly two-thirds (60%) of U.S. women are avoiding hair salons while COVID-19 remains a threat and 18% won’t go back before a vaccine is distributed
  • Half (56%) have attempted DIY haircuts and dyes, with a fifth (18%) ending in disaster
  • Overall, women are taking a more relaxed approach to their daily routines – 58% have stopped wearing makeup and 24% have given up wearing pants!
  • MANHATTAN (AUGUST 6, 2020) – Nearly two thirds (60%) of U.S. women said they’re uncomfortable with the idea of going to a hair salon while coronavirus remains a threat, according to new research from hairbrush brand, Tangle Teezer. And a fifth (19%) are refusing to go to a salon before a vaccine is distributed. 

Forced to take the matter into their own hands, more than half (56%) have attempted a DIY hair cut or dye job, with a fifth (18%) reporting they’ve had a DIY hair disaster. That’s a lot of dodgy bangs and harsh bleaching! And may explain why 20% of women reported they’re wearing head scarves and bandanas more in lockdown.

Meanwhile, 38% admitted their hair has been scraped back in a ponytail or bun since lockdown began, with a third (35%) reporting they’re using heated styling tools less frequently, and a fifth (19%) saying they’re washing their hair less. 

Nearly a quarter (24%) of women are taking this relaxed approach to their daily routine one step further by going pantless and more than half (58%) have given up with makeup.

Although less heat and a break from salon chemicals can be good news for over-processed hair, professional hair stylist and Tangle Teezer’s founder, Shaun P. warns our new lockdown hair regimes could be doing lasting damage.

“Scraping your hair back and securing it with an elastic tie won’t be doing your hair any favors. Elastic ties can rip at your hair and cause serious breakage. 

“So while it’s great to hear women are giving their hair a break from heat, we should also be thinking about how we can nourish hair and prevent further damage. Now, when so many people are avoiding salons, is the perfect time to get into good hair habits.” commented Shaun P.

Shaun P.’s top tips for healthier hair at home: 

1. Turn to Mother Nature for hair remedies – 16% of women said they already use natural oils such as coconut oil and avocado oil to moisturize their hair. Here is a list of natural hair remedies, using products from your store cupboard, to try at home.

2. Use the right hairbrush for your hair type – whether you have fine and fragile or thick and curly hair, you can avoid mechanical trauma, limit damage and hair loss by selecting a hairbrush that’s designed for your hair type.

3. Detangle with care – start at the ends of your hair when it’s wet and gently work your way up to the root. Make sure you use a hairbrush with flexible teeth that will glide through tangles rather than ripping through them.

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The research was commissioned by Tangle Teezer and conducted online by Censuswide, with a nationwide sample of 2,000 Americans. The survey results have a margin of error of +/- 2 points.

About Tangle Teezer:

Tangle Teezer is an award-winning hairbrush brand founded by professional hair colorist Shaun P. He pioneered the ‘detangling’ hairbrush category with Tangle Teezer’s flagship product, The Original, which took the world by storm in 2007. Ever since, he’s been constantly brainstorming and developing new innovations which have led to three categories of hairbrush for every persons’ and stylists’ needs. From our detangling to blow-drying and styling hairbrushes, they all use our patented teeth technology to glide through all hair types. After all, the Power’s in the Teeth! 

Tangle Teezer products’ are available at most major retailers including Amazon, Nordstroms, Target, ULTA and Walgreens.