An Approachable Guide to Creating a Minimalist Winter Wardrobe
By S Smith |

Winter is a season we look forward to as it is abundant in festivities, snow and amazing fashion. This season provides us with the opportunity to make unique fashion choices that we are not able to wear during any other season. Some of the most fabulous looks are certainly minimalistic, as they make us look fashionable while being warm and cozy. That is why it is truly essential to have a few staple winter items in your wardrobe so that you can easily mix and match them into gorgeous outfits. 

In order to help you create your own minimalist winter wardrobe, we bring you a helpful guide on what necessary pieces to assemble.

A few lovely sweaters and knit dresses

This one may not come as a surprise, as sweaters are both cozy and stylish. You definitely need more that one great knit, so make sure to always have in your wardrobe a few of these snuggly pieces. Go for minimalist colors, black, white, grey, or earthy tones. In addition, make sure to have sweaters of various styles, so go for one that is oversized and chunky, one that is a bit shorter, so that you can style it with high-waisted trousers, and a thin one of, such as a cashmere one, that you could wear with pencil skirts. Cashmere sweaters may be a bit on the expensive side, but you can find some truly affordable ones, especially when it comes to light sweaters. Additionally, you can opt to add one or two knit dresses to your wardrobe. You can easily style them with a statement belt and a pair of knee-high boots. They will make a lovely look, while you will feel incredibly comfortable.

Black and dark denim jeans together with minimalistic accessory



Once more, opt for various styles of jeans. You can go for slim fit dark denim ones and black mom jeans. You can also add a pair of vintage, straight-leg jeans. Jeans are a crucial part of the winter wardrobe, as they can be matched with almost any other item. You can match your dark denim ones with an oversized, white sweater and camel boots, while you can combine your jeans in black with a simple turtleneck and chunky boots in the same color. Both of these looks will make truly trendy outfits when matched with some minimalist accessory, such as the right bag and an elegant watch. That is why you should also get a few discrete accessories, such as one or two high-quality, classy watches in black or earthy tones and mix them with a spacious camel tote or a trendy cross-body bag in black or off-white. Minimalist and effective details, such as this type of accessory, will instantly transform any of your winters look into unique and exquisite outfits.

Warm and fashionable coat(s)


SOIA & KYO coats


Can you even imagine winter without an amazing coat? Absolutely not, because a good-quality coat is always worthy of the investment. You can wear it to work, with your business attire and you can wear it when you head off for brunch with your friends, with a casual, nonchalant outfit. A nice coat is a suitable option even when you go out partying on a Saturday night, to layer it over your cocktail dress. Your perfect coat is there to add that stylish finishing touch to your overall look, but also, to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. 

You can choose among different versions of coats, but in essence, a marvelously tailored, double-breasted coat, in a dark color such as black or navy, and a fuzzy, teddy coat, in a white or camel color are the two items that are a perfect pair of classic and trendy. They are both quite minimalistic, one being more sophisticated and the other being a bit more chic, which makes them wonderful to be combined with basically everything else in your winter wardrobe. Of course, even just one of these two styles of coats is enough for a stylish winter wardrobe.

A classic pair of Chelsea boots


Chelsea boots are indeed a must-have when it comes to winter footwear. They are comfy, chic and always on-trend. Lovely to be worn with your casual as well as with a bit more formal outfits. Once more, you will not make a mistake if you opt for your pair of Chelsea boots in a minimalist color, such as black or camel.

Finally, we hope that this guide helps you create your own minimalist winter wardrobe so that you can enjoy the colder months while being incredibly fashionable.  


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