BOOK LAUNCH: Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin by International Celebrity Beauty Nutritionist & Biochemist
By MichelleW |
Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin

Tired of dry dull-looking skinWe’re excited to announce that International Celebrity Beauty Nutritionist & Biochemist, Paula Simpson is launching her first book, Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin! In this book Author Paula Simpson shares how to achieve healthy youthful glowing skin through: 

  • Choosing the best probiotics for clearer skin & what to look for on the label
  • Avoiding foods that disrupt your skin’s microbial balance & how to restock your kitchen
  • Simple cleanses to rid your body of harmful toxins 
  • Microbe-friendly, all-natural skincare routines
  • Skin- and microbiome-friendly recipes for a Skin-Friendly Diet (Kimchi Omelet Anytime of Day, Biome-Purifying Tonic, Fortifying Skin, Nail & Hair Smoothie & more)

urns Out, the Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin is. . . Bacteria? 

Discover one of the most surprising secrets to keeping your skin healthy, radiant and clear—the body’s bacterial microbiome. Most of us spend years trying to get rid of nasty bacteria with cleansers, masks, and medicines; but it turns out that your skin, your body’s largest organ, has a finely balanced microbiome that has been proven to be absolutely crucial to maintaining “good skin”. 

Written by a skin microbiome expert, Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin is a friendly, comprehensive, and science-backed exploration of what your skin microbiome is, what it does, and how you can nourish it using simple over-the-counter products, natural treatments and, crucially, a skin-friendly diet. Author Paula Simpson teaches readers how lifestyle affects the skin microbiome, how microbiome imbalances impact skin conditions and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics. Simpson’s expertise is perfect for a massive audience that is looking to discover professional secrets and science behind achieving and maintaining perfect skin

Paula Simpson is a holistic beauty expert who has integrated her expertise in biochemistry, nutrition, natural health, and beauty to drive innovation within the medical, wellness and personal care sectors. With global recognition as a formulation expert for nutrition-based skincare (nutricosmetics,) Paula has dedicated her time in innovating and educating both the medical aesthetic and personal care industries on the importance of nutrition to promote healthy skin. Formally recognized as a leading innovator in natural beauty, she has combined her scientific and holistic background to create some of the most successful nutricosmetic and beauty wellness brands available today. At the forefront of science and clinical research in the area of skin nutrition, she is a regularly sought-after expert and has contributed her time to programs including E! NewsEntertainment TonightMSNBCGood Morning AmericaKTLAABC and Fox News and publications with AllureAlternative MedicineHuffington PostInStyleMindbodygreenNew Beauty MagazinePopSugarReaders DigestRefinery 29Rodale Organic Life and more.