How You Deal With Stress Based on Your Birth Month

There isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t experienced stress at some time or another in their lives. We all have a unique way of dealing with tension, and even our birth sign (zodiac) can give us clues about our trigger points and ways we can cope. Here is some celestial guidance to help you navigate those unsettling waters during times of frustration.

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Okay, friend, stop all the multi-tasking you’re famous for and avoid overcommitting yourself. You like assuming the lead, but you also need to take the time to devise the best problem-solving strategy.

If Aries can remain calm and not freak out, you’ll stay in the driver’s seat, and those close to you will follow suit.


As a fixed sign, Taurus hates when change starts to occur. You like your stable routine and don’t want anything altering it because it makes you insecure.

Cosmic experts recommend you plow through those uncharted waters at a steady pace and learn some healthy compromise.


You’re a fine communicator and used to tons of thinking and talking before making a move. Our Gemini friends, however, can become too wrapped up in their heads when an obstacle arises.

We advise you to slow down. Relax and enjoy reading your daily horoscope, for example. Geminis eventually find their way by being adaptable.


Those born under the sign of Cancer are the world’s natural nurturers and can become frazzled not only with their own stresses but with those loved ones experiencing the same.

Carve out some “me time,” and define your boundaries as you take a problem head-on.


As another fixed sign, it isn’t easy for a Leo to move beyond the personal, but in times of stress, you have to learn to ride the wave with everyone else. You cannot control every little detail.

Our cosmic guidance recommends that Leo “stay in your lane,” and learn the art of compromising.


Virgos have high standards, and when they get bogged down with stress, they can become frazzled. You’re tougher on yourself than most other birth signs.

You’re not perfect, Virgo, but who is? Indulge in a hobby, and smooth away the tension.


Libras enjoy discussing things and investigating every angle and side. During stressful moments, this can render you unable to make a clear decision.

We know you dislike confrontation and can keep emotions bottled up inside. Say what you need to say; take action.


As another fixed sign, Scorpios don’t like letting go or changing up the scenery. You can become withdrawn and full of emotion that causes you to feel unsafe.

The last thing you need is others crossing your boundaries and elevating your stress level. Work out a strategy on your own.


As a freedom-lover, Sagittarius hates feeling trapped when stress starts to build, and you can become scattered. You’re an adaptable person, so if you remember that, you’ll find a variety of ways to approach a problem.

Don’t overcomplicate an issue. Explore around you as the answer lies there.


Capricorns hate to fail and go above and beyond to fix an issue, take control and keep on working. You’re super hard on yourself and hate to let anyone down.

Chill, pat yourself on the back and know you cannot accomplish everything.


When times get tough, you have a tendency to go it solo when the rest of your crew can’t keep pace. This can cause emotional detachment and procrastination from stress overload.

It’s not “all at once.” Find a slower pace, Aqua.


Pisces likes to swim away from stress and anxiety and avoid tackling an issue head-on, sometimes thinking that you don’t have the stuff to handle a problem.

You’re more than capable, Pisces. Take the time to emphasize this point. Believe in yourself. You can do this.

We’re all as unique as our date of birth and exhibit different ways of approaching solutions when the stress level climbs. It’s fascinating to learn about your birth month and the kind of personality you possess. It can be a game-changer.

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