Vegan Cosmetic Brand Boasts Glowing Skin in 60 Seconds
By MichelleW |

More than ever women are now aiming for a natural glow that can be achieved in little to no time at all.  Beauty and the City are launching its Glow-up cosmetic line giving women of all ages the benefits of an amazing radiant glow without spending long periods of time in a mirror blending makeup on their lips, eyes, and face.   Beauty and the City, a new start-up, features a line of clean beauty cosmetics created for the modern health-conscious woman on the go.  This vegan cosmetic line is gluten-free, made without parabens or animal testing.  One reason why clean beauty is so essential for the 21st Century lifestyle is that women are becoming focused on personal care.  Self-care, meaning attention to doctor’s orders, mind-body meditation for mental and spiritual wellness, eating, organic foods, and a clean beauty regimen for body and facial care.  That means using Beauty and the City vegan cosmetics to beautify and care for the eyes, lips, and face.  Beauty and the City skin care restore and maintain the skin’s collagen for smoothing and elasticity, which results in anti-aging.  The Beauty and the City product line is all about promoting a healthy facial glow.  

Researchers show that women appear younger when they have a radiant facial glowBeauty and the City Glow-up cosmetic line features skincare enhancements such as sheer bronzer, gold and silver-tone glitter sticks, face shimmers, eyeliners, lip conditioners,  a lash and brow serum, and skincare serums for day or night.  The “Glow”  is what’s turning heads, promoting attraction in women. Scientists add…. “Glowing skin is associated with wellness, happiness, beauty and feminine magnetism”. Women are said to glow during pregnancy, ovulation, and at their peak hormone cycles, making them more attractive. It’s no wonder Beauty and the City’s “Glow“ ultimately translates to a look of natural brilliance.

There are multiple Glow looks to be achieved in 60 seconds or less with Beauty in the City’s cosmetics. “The Glow is the most fundamental part of your make-up routine. It gives you the most glamorous results in the least amount of time,” says Tanille, Beauty and the City Creative Director.   “Glow” is always good regardless of age, career, fashion style, season or reason.  For instance, the company has scheduled a college tour for fall 2021 marked by a series of campus promotions to include exhibits, events, and product demonstrations designed for Gen’Zers.  Additionally, Beauty and the City will do multiple promotions at salons this fall targeted to Millennial women because both demographics are rapidly embracing the “Glow ” concept of luminous youth, which is the center of the Beauty and the City’s brand story.