How to Look Chic in a White Tee


When it comes to outfits and style, there are only a few things that can be considered rules. You should wear only clean clothes, there shouldn’t be more than three prints combined, and you shouldn’t wear evening outfits in the morning. Still, when it comes to fashion nothing is set in stone, and today you can experiment all you like and then some, and still look cool. For those who would like to learn different ways to wear a white tee, we have a treat:

Brunch time

Going out with friends for a casual brunch is a lovely idea, and one of the best things about it is that you don’t have to spend hours getting ready. Still, you don’t want to leave the house looking like you just rolled out of bed, do you? Pick a high-waist A-line skirt with floral print, tuck in a white tee, and put on a pair of flats. You can wear a messy bun with oversized sunglasses and it will look chic, and you can even bring a denim jacket with you in case it gets cold.

Night out

Layer forever

Everyone who’s in love with vintage style knows how adorable white tees can look under simple dresses, but you can pull off different looks as well. Those oversized, loose boho dresses can use a bit of structure that a tee can give them, and you can top it up with comfy Palmaira sandals. On the other hand, you can channel some serious ‘90s vibes by wearing a sexy slip dress over a white tee, nice ankle boots with buckles, and space buns. If you happen to add some blue lipstick and a wide choker, you’ll look like a time-traveler.

Office elegance

Power suits are amazing; they make you look great but at the same time they make you feel powerful. This is one of the reasons why so many women choose to wear a suit to the office. Button downs can be as boring as they are elegant, so why not swap them for plain old white tees? It will look every bit as elegant, but it will give you freedom of movement. When you top it up with a nice accent scarf and stylish stiletto heels, you’ll be ready for a full day of business meetings.

Casually fierce

There are times when you really feel like impressing the downtown crowd with your flawless outfit, and who says that the good old jeans and a t-shirt look can’t help you do that? Pick a nice pair of stylish distressed denim skinny jeans and go on to layer a basic white tee as well as a tailored black jacket. If you want to look even more fierce, pick a leather jacket instead. Depending on whether you’re going to a gallery opening or a concert, you can pick chunky ankle boots or perhaps a pair of sexy gladiator sandals.

Everyone should have a nice form-fitting white button-down shirt and tee, as these pieces are incredibly versatile. They are easy to pair with a variety of other pieces depending on the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve, and they can be as modest or as over the top as you want. It might take some time and practice for you to figure out the pattern, but as you grow more confident you will soon start experimenting with your outfits.

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