How to Make a Statement with Accessories
By S Smith |
How to Make a Statement with Accessories

We hear a lot these days about building minimalist, capsule wardrobes for all occasions. Not only are they a great way to eliminate decision fatigue and ensure that you always have something to wear, but they can also save you time, money, and some precious closet space.

The thing is, such outfits can feel a little flat at times. When that happens, an accessory or two can help spruce up your look quickly and easily. Whether that’s a pair of show-stopping shoes or a handbag that makes the whole outfit pop, adding just a single eye-catching accessory can transform your outfit almost instantly. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips on how to make a statement with accessories without going over the top.

Stack it up

We’ve all heard about the difference layering your clothes can make – it’s pretty much considered to be art at this point and the one that’s quite easy to master. But have you thought about layering your jewelry?

An easy way to create eye-catching combinations (and simultaneously show off your amazing jewelry collection), stacking up your jewelry pieces works wonders when it comes to upgrading neutral outfits. It adds character and dimension to a simple outfit, and if you select the right pieces, you can make the entire ensemble look more expensive. Stack your rings, layer your necklaces, and add another bracelet or two – the more, the merrier! Vary the textures and shapes for a serious style statement and, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, mix your metals for an even greater visual impact.

Make it pop

Another way to break the monotony of a neutral outfit combination is to use accessories to add a pop of color. An easy way to brighten up a monochromatic color palette, incorporating a statement piece in a bold hue can help inject just the right dose of unexpectedness, and take the entire outfit to another level.

Sometimes, that will mean wearing an all black or all white outfit and adding bright neon footwear. Other times, making your outfit pop will simply be a matter of putting on a chic pair of statement earrings to brighten a neutral outfit. Either way, a splash of color will breathe life into your ensemble and boost its visual interest.

Let it take the center stage

Sometimes, less is more, and making a style statement doesn’t have to mean wearing multiple accessories at once. In fact, letting that one accessory take the center stage can be just as effective at directing attention, if not even more.For instance, you can rely on luxury essentials such as quality cowhide handbags to finish off a muted, all-black outfit and add some pattern and texture. Fur and leather bags command attention and match every look, meaning you can look polished and put together regardless of whether you’re going on a weekend getaway, heading for a romantic night out, or simply running some errands. Want to take things a step further? Accessorize your accessories! Emphasize a solid colored bag with a scarf, add keychains to your printed bag, or attach another pendant to your necklace. The options are pretty much endless.

Aim for balance

Statement accessories are great for those times when you need to add some flavor to a bland and dull outfit. That said, if the outfit itself already has some eye-catching elements, statement pieces can easily come across as being over-the-top.

This is why it’s important that you pay attention to the rest of your outfit and choose your statement accessories accordingly. The idea is to strike the right balance between simple and more effective pieces, and add just the right amount of oomph to your look. Plain, classic pieces such as simple white tees, denim jeans, and neutral dresses provide the perfect blank canvas onto which you can add a plethora of different statement-making accessories, be it a statement belt, a stunning bag, or a pair of attention-grabbing shoes. Jazz it up, but don’t hesitate to take off an accessory or two until it feels right.

Make it yours

While accessories play an important role in creating well-thought-out, stylish outfits, these playful extras also act as an extension of your personality. As such, it’s important that you don’t base your choices solely on what’s currently en vogue. Trends come and go, so it’s important that you choose a signature accessory that feels like you and feels good to wear. 

Ideally, the statement piece you select will be able to seamlessly blend with the rest of your wardrobe. This can help reduce the need to go out and shop for clothes to match your new statement accessory and make sure that the item actually gets worn.

Wrapping up

When done right, playful extras can make a dull and boring outfit feel more lively in a matter of seconds without you having to rework the whole look. Remember, it’s the little things that matter, and with these styling tips in mind, you can step up your #ootd game and make the most of every look.